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News on the server

The server is being changed almost every day. The most important changes can be found in this section.


New version of server is accessible to the public.


Discussion forum has been set in operation today. At the beginning 5 separated rooms have been created according the user language (Slovak, Polish, English and German) and the experimental discussion forum. In the filter you can choose the possibility to search in the discussion messages, ignoring the users or showing the messages from a particular user. We ask you to behave politely, not to use rude language, not to advertise anti-Semitism, fascism, children pornography, etc. Other conditions to be found in Conditions. Thanks.


Since this date it is possible to use a new way of communication on our server - On-line Mail. By its way of communication it belongs to classical instant messaging systems. The communication with your partner happens in real time. The address book of On-line Mail is shared with the address book for Internal Mail.


For registered users a module Internal Mail is accessible. It is possible to send internal mail to your friends and it will be delivered immediately. You don’t have to worry about the mail server operation, you will be informed immediately about its correct delivery, full recipient mailbox or other possible failures at e-mail delivery. It is possible to form the list of contacts – An Address Book and at receiving e-mail you know, whether the sender is in your address book. It is also possible to attach an image or other document to your e-mail.


On our server we have registered more than 3.500 links of sport web sites so far, which can be found in 11 categories and more than 420 subcategories.


It is possible to register in a User section that has been set up. We offer the registered users to receive the news – a mailing list. We also prepare internal and on –line mail, user blocks with photo gallery and discussion, public discussing forum, etc. You are welcome to register now. When using the server, please keep the rules of the server Thank you.


A module Bookmakers has been installed to provide information on Slovak, Czech and foreign bookmakers.


A new version of the server has been set in operation. Transformation of an existing web to the system of Seaside company (

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