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Conditions of using the server
Terms of use

1. Registration on the Server

Registration on the server is voluntary and free of charge, however by registration the user achieves wider possibilities to take more advantages of the server. By the registration the user confirms his sufficient knowledge of the terms of use, which is marked in a particular frame in a registration form (I agree with the terms) and he also confirms that he is aware of the consequences of breaking the rules.

2. Cancelling the Registration and the User Account

The administration of the server reserves the privilege to cancel the registration and the user account without any previous warning in case the user breaks the rules of using the server.

The operator does not answer for damages caused to the user by cancelling the registration and the user account.

3. Personal Data

The user is obliged to provide personal data necessary for registration in accordance with reality.

The user also:

A. Confirms that on the date of his registration he is at least 18 years old.
B. Is obliged to give the correct name of the country he comes from.

4. Providing Personal Data

The operator will not publish or provide personal data, which were not provided by the user for sharing or publishing, without previous acceptance of the user.
In case of necessity the operator is obliged under the law to provide the times of access and IP addresses to the authorities at serious breaking these rules or laws.

5. Data Saving and their Accessibility on Server

The operator does not answer for non stop operation and accessibility of server as well as for data saved there. The operator also does not answer for losing the data due to technical breakdowns or the third party. However, the operator will do the best to ensure an absolutely perfect server operation.

6. The Copyright Protection

The user is obliged not to use unauthorised materials /photographs, texts or other media material/ protected by author patent, registered trade-mark, the copyright or other form of property on the server.

The user agrees that his own media materials /texts, photographs, sound or video recordings/ are available for all registered users but only on the server and other users are obliged to give the author’s name always when using such media material.

The operator is not responsible for publishing unauthorised media materials / photographs, texts, sound or video recordings/ by the users.

The user accepts the fact that in case of breaking the laws of the copyright by publishing unauthorised media materials / photographs, texts, sound or video recordings/ on the server, he will be the only responsible for such breaking of the law.

7. Law Regulations

The users are obliged not to use, publish and advertise materials instigating the criminal acting, commit a crime under the law of the country from which they access the server, the obscene materials, materials instigating racism or advertising drug abuse.

The server operator is not responsible for its user’s activities on the server which are breaking the law regulations and committing crime under the law of the country from which they access to use the services of the server.

8. Advertising on the Server

The user is obliged not to use the server for commercial activities without any previous acceptance of the operator.

The user accepts receiving advertising materials in his mail and e-mailbox located on the server, from the server administrator exclusively. Any other commercial misuse of the server, by the third party without previous acceptance of the operator is forbidden. Sending advertising materials as well as the news from the operator into e-mailboxes indicated at registration on the server is conditioned by the user’s acceptance, i.e. it is possible to decide at registration. It is possible to change the decision during the whole existence of the user’s account on the server.

9. Foreign Language Versions

Server is and will be established in several foreign language versions. Language versions can give links or banners to pages, which are not in agreement with the law of the country where the given language is official. The operator is not responsible for using and possible damages caused by using the given language version in countries where using the given page from the link is not legal.

10. Access to Conditions of Using the Server

Conditions of using the server are accessible for inspection non-stop and the connection is placed on the bottom of the page under the link Conditions.

11. Changes and Information about Changes of the Rules of Using the Server

The operator reserves the privilege to change the rules of using the server without any previous warning. The operator is also obliged to inform about such changes in the section the News in the bottom of the page.

12. Forum a Comments

Texts published in forum and comments represent the opinions of their authors. The administration of the server cannot influence their content. Forum is not moderated but the administration reserves the privilege to delete any texts containing illegal advertising, racist texts or texts insulting other users, vulgar texts or texts breaking the law of Slovak Republic.

13. The Rules for Attaching Photographs to Profiles and Albums

It is possible to attach only the user’s own photographs to profiles and albums, or the photographs of which the user is the copyright owner. It is possible to save also other photographs only for the user’s own purpose on the server but it is necessary to keep them under the password.

14. Result Service

Result service is provided without guarantee.

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